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GB WA or GB WhatsApp is an application that provides answers for social media users who have complex interests. GB WA has many better functions and has improved its features compared to the standard version.

GB WhatsApp (GB WA) is very sure to answer your questions when using the standard features of the previous version of WhatsApp.

The professional developer of this application is spearheaded by the XDA Team Senior or commonly referred to as (HAS 007). These professional developers have developed and improved better features in this GB WA version.

In general, the function of WA GB has the main function as a social media used to send text messages, make voice and video calls and can send files such as photos or document files.

It is these main functions that have been upgraded or upgraded by HAS 007 to make it more leverage, so it is not owned by the standard version.

In connection with the above, there must be a lot of questions on your mind, so let’s talk about GB WA WhatsApp.

Is it safe to use GB WA?

This kind of question will certainly cross your mind because at this time a lot of unwanted things can happen. Just like online fraud via whatsapp messages.

You don’t have to worry about that, because GB Whatsapp (GB WA) still protects your privacy. The developers of this application have designed so that your personal data is maintained and does not leak.

As for things that are not desirable, it can happen not because of the fault of the application, but there are people who often misuse social media as a tool for crime.

Regardless of the question, the next question that must be on your mind is what is the GB WA Whatsapp feature. The following discussion will explain in detail the features of GB WA in full.

Main Features of GB WA

As time goes by, the developers of GB WA are also improving the previous version to be more up to date. It aims to always provide user convenience and fix bugs or errors that existed in previous versions.

  • More theme options
  • Anti Bened
  • Hide Status
  • Anti Delete Message
  • Download Other People’s Status
  • More File Transfer Capacity
  • Etc

Therefore, let us explain the full features of GB WA based on the old and new versions so that they can be compared, so you can choose exactly which version suits your taste.

GB WhatsApp Latest Update Version

1. GB WhatsApp Pro V 10.20

The following are some of the excellent features of GB WhatsApp which are available on GB WA version 10.20.

Download WA Friends Video/Photo Status

With this feature you can download your friend’s wa status so that it can be reused as your wa status. Features like this of course are not found in the official version of the WhatsApp application.

Multiple WA Accounts

This feature allows you to install two WhatsApp applications in one of your phones. For example, if you are using the standard version of WhatsApp and want to use GB WhatsApp, then you don’t need to delete the other version on your phone.

Hide /Hide Online Status

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable when too many people chat with us because we see our status online, even though there are some important chats that we still reply to. With this feature, other people cannot know when you are online.

More Themes

More theme choices compared to the standard version allow you to choose the customization of the wa appearance according to your taste in more varied options.

More Fonts and Emoticons

If you are bored with the default text font from the default installation, then you can choose more fonts in this GB WA application. There are lots of interesting font choices compared to the standard wa version.

In addition, there are also more choices of emoticons that you can use to express your feelings according to your mood.

Hiden / Hide Story

Through setting this feature you can hide your WhatsApp story so that other people can’t see the story you created. With this feature you can also filter the people you allow to see your story or not allow to see your story.

Hidden Number

This is also an important feature that is very useful because the phone number is an important thing to protect the publicity, therefore with this feature you can hide your number.

Send Larger Files

No less important, sometimes the files we send are too large so they cannot be attached. With GB whatsapp you can send files up to 80 Mb.

Send Scheduled Messages (Schedule Messenger)

The advantage of this very interesting GB WhatsApp is that it can send messages on a scheduled basis to someone. You just have to write a message and specify at what time you want the message to be sent.


In previous issues there were several sources and even the national news media said that GB WhatsApp was prone to being banned. But you don’t need to worry because the professional developer of the GB wa team has improved the performance of this application by adding anti-ban and anti-blocking features.

The GB WhatsApp developer has also claimed that the application is very safe and can be used without having to worry about being blocked or banned.

2. Latest GB WhatsApp Pro 2021

Dual App Support

You can use GB WhatsApp to make more than one WA application in one of your cellphones and all of them can run well without disturbing other WA applications.

Hidden Number

With this hidden number feature or private number, it allows you to hide your cellphone number on your wa profile, so that other people can’t see your phone number.

Auto Send Messeg

You can use this automatic message sending feature to send messages automatically at a certain time that you have set. You only need to type a message and then specify the time or time at which the message should be sent.

App Lock

If you want to do the privacy of the WhatsApp social media application, there is no need to use third-party applications because the GB WhatsApp application currently provides a locking feature without having to add applications from other parties.

View Hidden Status And Deleted Messages

By using GB WhatsApp you can see other people’s hidden statuses and can also view deleted sent messages.

Offline Mode Checklist One

Sometimes there are times when we are busy with many activities and need peace, then this feature is perfect for you to use. This makes the person who messaged you only have one tick without knowing that the message you have read.

Other features in this version of GB Pro are some are still the same as the previous version, so I think that’s enough for a discussion of its features.

How to Install / Install GB WhatsApp

You can get the GB WA MOD application for free via the link we have provided above. You can use this application on smart phones based on Android and Mac OS.

To make it easier to install this GB wa whatsapp mod, we will describe it in the steps below.

  1. Click the link above
  2. After downloading, make sure the location of the apk file is on your phone.
  3. After that click the apk file
  4. If a notification appears or a notification asking to allow unknown applications to be installed, then allow it.
  5. After that Go back to the previous installation screen by clicking the back button or the arrow at the top left. Then click Install
  6. Wait until the GB Whatsapp installation is complete
  7. Click Done or Open to run
  8. Or you can close and then open GB Whatsapp on your cellphone screen.
  9. Finished


Of the several features described above, of course GB Whatsapp has more features than the official standard version. In terms of security, gb wa is also very safe because it has been developed to be anti-blocking and anti-banned.

This GB WA application is also highly recommended to be used for those of you who have the interest of multi-tab Whatsapp, so you can run two applications at once.

That’s the article about GB WA that we can explain, hopefully what we have explained can be useful literature for readers.

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