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In the current era, editing animated videos can no longer only be done using a computer, but also using a smartphone through additional applications such as Alight Motion Pro.

The many types of applications for editing videos and photos in the form of a mobile version are indeed very easy for those who have a hobby of editing photos or videos. Why is that because the editing process can be done only by using a smartphone without having to use a computer or laptop.

The Alight Motion Pro application is a type of application developed by Alight Creative Inc where the application is launched equipped with very good features, such as adding blur effects, changing fonts and adding layers.

If one of you wants to download the application, here we will provide the download link in the article below. But before you download the Alight Motion Pro application, it would be nice if you know what features are brought in this cool application. And the following is a discussion of the advantages possessed by the Alight Motion Pro application.

Alight Motion Pro App

The Alight Motion Pro application is an application published for those of you who have a hobby of editing videos. Because you can use this application to create moving images and besides that, you can also use this application to create high-quality animations of course.

So with that Alight Motion application can make it easier for you in the video editing process when you want to create moving graphics, color visual effects and besides that you can also add other interesting elements such as text, images and audio. As for the video results that you have edited, you can export them as GIF or MP4 files.

But you need to know that the Alight Motion Pro application currently comes with two versions, namely the free version and the Pro version. And if you want to get all the features available in the application, you have to upgrade to the Pro version. The pro version is usually priced quite expensive.

For the advantages of the pro version, namely the premium features where all features can be opened and also the results of your video editing will not have a watermark attached. So that way users will be very easy to make moving image designs.

For those of you who don’t have the money or love to spend money to upgrade to the pro version, you don’t need to worry, because there are developers who have made the Mod Apk version of the Alight Motion Pro application for you. And for this Mod version, you can feel the features in the application without you having to pay.

As for the Mod version of the Alight Motion Pro application, you can only run it on Android devices, for the current iOS version there may not be any or maybe in the future there will be a Mod version. This Mod version of the Alight Motion application also has a very small size, which is only 15 MB in size.

Features of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK

Before you download the Mod version of the Alight Motion Pro application, here we will provide a review of the features brought in this Mod version of the Alight Motion application. And here are the excellent features that are brought into the alight motion application:

1. Keyframe animation

The first feature is keyframe animation, where you can use this feature to change a transition in one animated video display. And this effect can also make your video look more static and clearer too.

In addition to the advantages that I have mentioned above, you can also use this application to add frames to videos that you have edited and also add motion animation effects so that the video results are better and more interesting.

2. Video and Audio Layers available

Users can make video and audio compositions as they usually do when editing videos, namely by making several audio and video scans and then arranging them into one using the features contained in the Alight Motion application.

3. Impressive Effect

In the Alight Motion Pro application, you will find lots of effects that you can use according to your wishes later. And moreover there are the addition of new effects that are always done by the developer of the video editing application.

With a large selection of effects provided in this application, users can easily try out all the available effects for editing videos.

4. Many Font Options

When you edit a video you usually want to add text. Because basically text is one of the important elements for video editing.

Text is usually used in videos in order to provide an explanation of a video that is displayed, for example, such as the title, video content and several other important aspects so that those who watch the video understand what is in the video.

But if you use the free version instead of using the pro version, you won’t find a large selection of fonts but a limited choice of fonts. And vice versa if you use the Alight Motion Pro application, then you will find lots of font choices available.

If you don’t find the font you want in the pro version, then you can import fonts from other sources. Because this Alight Motion Pro application has a feature which you can use to take fonts from various other sources that provide font choices.

As for the method itself, you just need to press the Import Font button then later you will be able to import other fonts from different sources or other sources in your browser search.

5. Color Adjustments

With this color adjustment feature, you can certainly add effects to the video that you are going to edit. So that it will give all sides of the video that you edit have a different color according to what you want.

And if you have problems adding color effects because you use the manual method, you don’t need to worry because this application can also adjust colors automatically if you are lazy to use the manual method.


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