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Are you bored with what WhatsApp looks like – that’s all? Or maybe you want to have a WhatsApp application that has many advanced and unique features? If so, then it’s time to switch to the latest WhatsApp Mod application called OGWhatsApp.

The development of the WhatsApp Mod application at this time is indeed very popular among the Indonesian people, because the application has many advantages, especially in its features.

For those of you who are currently looking for the latest GB WhatsApp application, then you can use the OG WhatsApp application as a replacement application for your original WhatsApp.

Because this application has a lot of excellent features that you can find, and all these new features are not on the official WhatsApp.

Then what is the difference between the OGWhatsApp application and other WA Mod applications? Well, for those of you who ask this question here, Mimin will answer it.

About OGWhatsApp Latest Apk

OG WhatsApp is the original WhatsApp application that has been modified by a third party where the application is equipped with advanced features that are very helpful for us.

And besides that this application also has a much smaller size when compared to the original WhatsApp or other WhatsApp Mods.

The features in the OG WhatsApp application are indeed related to privacy issues. Because in this application you can set who can see Chat, Status and profile photos.

Not only that, the OGWhatsApp application developer also added new features to his application. For example, such as a feature to hide online alerts and several other new features.

Interestingly, in this OG WA application, you can use two WhatsApp applications on one device only. Then what are the advanced features of the OG WA application? So the answer is below:

Featured Features of OGWhatsApp Mod Apk Application

Every WhatsApp Mod application always has its own advantages, one of which is the OG WA application. This application is presented with several new features that are not available on the official WA. And here are the excellent features on OG WhatsApp.

Features To Schedule Messages

The first feature in the OGWA application is a feature to schedule messages. So if you want to send a message to someone with a certain hour, then you can use this feature to schedule the message so you don’t forget it later.

And later the message will be automatically sent to the recipient according to the hour you set earlier.

So with this feature it will be very helpful for those of us who don’t have much time to provide information to people through the WhatsApp application.

Can Copy Friends’ WhatsApp Status

If you like a friend’s status or story and want to also make that status in your story, then you can take advantage of this feature. Because this feature can copy a friend’s status without having to download it first.

And besides that, you can also send the status to other people by using the help of copying the status.

Can Call WA Numbers Without Saving Numbers

If on the original WhatsApp if we want to call a new number we have to save the number first. So the OG WhatsApp application is different.

Because if you want to call a new number, you don’t need to save to contacts first, but you can directly call the number without saving.

So that way it will shorten your time because you don’t bother saving the destination number first when you want to call a new number.

Anti Banned

The first thing when installing the Mod application, of course, we always pay attention to whether the application is equipped with an anti-ban feature or not.

Well, the OGWhatsApp application is also equipped with an anti-ban feature. So you can be calmer using this application.

Because indeed every use of the WA Mod application always has the risk of being banned by a WA account. But this can already be done with the anti-ban feature.

Anti Delete Message

Surely we have all received messages that have been deleted or when the message has not been read it turns out that the message has been deleted by the sender.

And usually this makes us curious about the contents of the message. Well, this can be overcome by using the OG WA application, because this application is able to read messages that have been deleted or withdrawn by the sender.

Hiding Online Status

In general, if we open the WhatsApp application, we will see on WhatsApp friends that we are in an online position or open the WhatsApp application.

Well, for those of you who want more privacy or don’t want people to know that they are opening WA. So using the OG WA application is the perfect solution.

The reason is that this application has advanced features that can be used to hide online alerts. So that no one knows that we are online.

Download the Latest OGWhatsApp 2022 Application

After the admin provides information about the superior features of the OGWhatsApp application, the admin will also provide a download link for the application.

Because the OG WA application cannot be downloaded on Google Play or AppStore searches. So you want to download the application you have to download it here.

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