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7 May 2022
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In recent times, social media has had a significant impact. One of the beneficial effects of social media applications is that it makes it easier to achieve targets.

By using social media you can easily convey certain information to other users.

You can choose a target that matches what you want by just using the hashtag “hastag”.

This makes it easier for social media content such as videos and other posts to reach other users.

Especially when there are so many social media users who can reach many other users with viral video content.

Therefore, today’s social media users also continue to compete to create stunning video content to be liked by many people.

The more comments or people who like the content, the greater the video content can go viral.

Creativity in creating TikTok, Instagram and other video content requires the support of applications or software that can help create interesting videos.

One of the applications used to make tiktok videos go viral today is FacePlay.

This application has been widely used by tiktoker in creating creative videos. And also videos made using the FacePlay Application are often trending.

What is the FacePlay App?

FacePlay is a software in the form of an application that can change someone’s face into another version of yourself. With this application your face can be changed to a version of Caucasian, Arabic, Korean and others.

The appearance of your face in another version will also look very realistic like the original. Therefore, your expertise in using this application is also very necessary.

If you feel you are able to use an application like this, it is appropriate to also follow one of the challenges related to this.

National Challenge is one space that provides an opportunity for you to see how the results of this application in changing the version of your face in different nationalities.

You can find something similar by searching on tiktok searches with the hashtag #how i’d look in different nationalities.

To get the FacePlay application for Android users, you can search for it through the PlayStore and the AppStore for iOS users.

However, the official FacePlay version on the PlayStore has limitations in the free version. To get all the features of the FacePlay application you must subscribe to a premium.

But don’t worry if you have a drained pocket, because there are lots of ways to get to the pros for free. So that you get the FacePlay Pro application version, just look for the FacePlay Pro Mod Apk application modification.

FacePlay Pro Premium Mod Apk

You can get this Pro version of the FacePlay application via the link we provide and it is not available on the PlayStore. As with other modified applications, of course, the PlayStore or AppStore will not be able to provide it.

Using the FacePlay Mod Apk application, you can access all of the features in the application that were previously locked in the PlayStore version.

Therefore, you can use the maximum function of FacePlay to produce interesting tiktok videos.

You also don’t need to worry and hesitate in joining the Natioanlity Challenge to see what a version of yourself looks like in a different version of Nationlality.

If you need a more understanding of what the functions of the features in the FacePlay application are, then see the review below.

Complete Functions of FacePlay Pro Mod Apk Features

Because the features available in the FacePlay Mod Apk application are more complete and cannot be tried in the free version. So, before using the application, it would not hurt to understand the explanation of its features below.

  • Premium Service

Premium service is one of the benefits you get from this mod version, because the FacePlay Pro version is the same as the paid version on the PlayStore.

In other words, all the features that are locked in the official version you can unlock by having this FacePlay Mod Apk.

  • Unlimited Filters

In addition to changing your face in the version of another country or different Nationality, through this application you can also choose a filter that supports lighting or smoothness of your face image.

You can get various filters that are not in the official application through this FacePlay Apk. With this feature you can maximize the results and the video quality is better.

  • More Face Options

The Face feature in the FacePlay Application is the main advantage of this application. That’s why the developer provided the key to unlock access to these key features in the free version.

Through FacePlay Mod Apk Pro, you are not given any limitations to access the existing Face options. You get full control to choose which face you want.

  • No Ads

This is also one of the features for the premium version of FacePlay that you get from the Modified version. In the free version you will often see ads that appear when you use the application.

FacePlay Mod Apk Pro also provides ad-free features so that your activities when using this application will not be paused because of the ads that appear.

  • No Watermark

Videos produced using the free version of the FacePlay application usually always provide a watermark or watermark. However, you can get this feature in the modified version, so the videos you produce don’t have a watermark anymore.

This results in better video quality and a more professional look.

  • Aditonal Accessories

You can also get other additional small features in this FacePlay Mod Apk Pro application. With the release of this feature, it ensures you can give a better touch in the video editing process.

This is often considered trivial or useless for some people. However, with the increasing number of hours you fly in producing videos, this will definitely be very useful.

  • Social Media Sharing Videos

After completing the video editing process, you can easily post your videos directly to social media.

If you think your video is perfect for sharing, with one click you can send the video to Tiktok or Instagram.

By clicking the share button in the FacePlay application, you can directly send your video instantly without the need to switch interfaces.

  • Video Saving

This feature allows you to save the results of your video production in your smartphone’s memory.

You can do this if you don’t want to continue sharing your video. Then you can save it first in the cellphone memory for a review first.

  • UI Templates

The appearance of this FacePlay Premium version also looks more professional. No more locked features and a more professional interface. In addition, the UI display makes this application easier to use.

  • Easy Use

Sometimes some video editing applications often have a display or feature that is difficult to use. However, unlike the FacePlay Mod Apk Pro application, it prioritizes users to make it easier to operate.

This is so that anyone from various educational backgrounds can use the FacePlay application without difficulty.

  • Close Agreement

If you have previously used a video editing application which then closed accidentally and resulted in the video that you edited being lost.

This application provides a confirmation feature of closing your edits. So you don’t have to worry about the video that you have edited is lost when you press the exit button incorrectly.

The videos you edit will not be lost or deleted when you close this application. You need to click the closing confirmation button when you really intend to end editing.

Download FacePlay Pro Mod APK

As we explained earlier, this modified application from FacePlay Premium is not available on the PlayStore. Then you need the link that we have included to get the mod apk application.

Below we will also provide some detailed specifications and links that you can use to download the official and modified version of FacePlay.