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How to Download Reels Instagram / IG or IGTV Stories Without Applications and With Free Applications – Instagram is one of the online digital platforms that is becoming the most popular social media today. Almost all circles, both children, teenagers and adults, use this social media.

Although the installation of this Instagram application has been limited to be used for users who are 17 years of age and over, in fact there are also those under that age who use it.

In this regard, the active role of parents in supervising the use of social media for their children is very necessary. A lot of content that must be limited if consumed by children.

Apart from this, the popularity of Instagram social media lies in the features provided by this application. With this application you can upload photos that you think are best in order to get likes (likes) or love from other people.

In addition, on Instagram you can get followers or followers so that other people who are your followers can get notifications when you upload a photo or video.

In its current development period, Instagram is increasingly transforming into a social media application that is growing rapidly based on its use on smartphones.

Every new gadget purchased, this application becomes one of the default applications for all types of Android and iOS smartphone brands. This indicates that the need for this application is very broad.

Especially now that there are new features that seem to make everyone really need them. There is a new feature called Instagram Reels and IGTV which are very interesting to use.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is Instagram’s newest feature today that allows you to upload or create short 15-second videos and can insert audio, more attractive display effects and many other very creative tools.

This is done by the developers in order to compete with several social media platforms that are currently popular as well, such as tiktok and others.

Features of Instagram Reels

To better understand Instagram Reels, this time I will discuss what are the functions of the features in Instagram Reels based on the official Instagram website.

1. Audio / Sound

With this feature you can insert or enter music from collection albums that have been provided by Instagram. But if you have your own songs, you can add them too.

When your video reels are distributed, the reels you inserted the audio into will be written as the audio maker.

In addition, in order for others to use your audio, your account status must be public.

2. AR Effect

AR effects allow you to create videos that are more cinematic and better looking. You only need to choose the effect that suits your taste, because the effect has been prepared by Instagram.

3. Speed ​​Control

With this speed control feature you can slow down or speed up your video or audio to match the rhythm so that it will match the movement in the video with the audio.

4. Timer

Timer is a feature to do a countdown in video capture, so that video capture can be done without you having to hold your gadget (handsfree).

You only need to set a countdown time option, then you just need to click the record button on your smartphone.

5. Clips Combine

With this feature you can create more interesting video mixes so that they become more dramatic video transitions. For example, making transitions to changing places or changing outfits.

With the above features, Instagram users can make more creative videos. The creativity of making videos made by Instagram users usually makes other users want to get their videos.

However, there is no Instagram reels download feature that is officially provided by Instagram. Therefore, to download Instagram Reels, a third party is needed who is able to carry out the process.

There are 2 easy ways to download Instagram reels and igtv that you can do, namely downloading Instagram reels without an application or with an application.

How to Download Instagram Reels Without an Application

To download Instagram reels without an application, you can use a site that is able to do this task.

The list of Reel Instagram, IGTV and IG Story download sites that you can use is as follows:


  • Copy or copy the url of the video you want to download
  • Go to the iGram .io site
  • Then you just need to paste or paste the link that you copied earlier
  • After success, press Download / Download
  • Finished


  • Copy / Copy the video link you want to download
  • Go to the instasave site. website/#downloadhere
  • Paste or paste the Reels, IGTV or IG Story link that you copied earlier
  • Click Download Now until the document/file appears for download
  • After the file selection appears, just press Download


  • Copy the url/link of the video that you like
  • Open the inflact web page. com/downloader/instagram/photo
  • Please select the file category you want to download, for example: Reels, IGTV, ig stories or photos)
  • Paste your file and wait until the file option to download appears
  • Click Download


  • Copy the video link of your choice
  • Open the downloader page on savefrom. net/4/download-from-instagram
  • Paste the Reels link url, story ig or IGTV that you copied
  • Click Download and wait until the download file selection appears
  • After that select Download MP4 and a notification to save the video will appear

Those are some alternatives that can be a solution to Download Reel Instagram without an application. In addition you can also download IGTV, Stories, Videos and Photos with the site.

Then how to download Reels Instagram and IGTV using software? In the following, I will provide recommendations for applications that are easy to use to download Instagram content.

Applications Download Reels Instagram / IGTV and IG Story

  1. Download Reels Instagram downloader APK, click here
  2. Make sure you save in a folder that you remember on your device,
  3. Then click the file that you downloaded to install
  4. If a notification appears to allow installing unknown applications then just allow it to work.
  5. Wait until it works, then open the application
  6. Log in to instagram again
  7. Copy / copy the Instagram content you want for example: reels, igtv or ig stories you want
  8. Then paste it in the column provided in the downloader application earlier
  9. Then save the file selection that appears.
  10. Finished


Those are some ways that you can use to download Instagram reels and igtv without an application or with an application that I can explain.

You can use all of these methods for free, please choose the one that is appropriate or easy for you. thank you

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