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Money-making applications are now increasingly loved by many people. In modern times like today, many people want to earn an easy way.

The modern era demands that people continue to develop according to the current state of technology. Like it or not, you have to be able to compete using technology to make money online.

One of the most popular ways today is to use a money-making application. With this application, how to earn money has become easier.

In contrast to conventional types of work that require a lot of physical and time. Money-making applications offer a flexible work system, time that can be set by yourself and can be done anywhere.

To get to know more about what is meant by the money-making application, let’s discuss it thoroughly in this discussion.

What is a Money Making App?

In simple terms, a money-making application is an application to make money through a cellphone or cellphone. Through this application allows one to make money without capital.

With the provision of these applications and also accompanied by a good internet data connection. So someone can make money on the internet with just a cellphone.

te that there are currently a lot of money-making applications scattered on the internet. Therefore you have to research properly the official ojk money making application.

Because with money-making applications that are supervised by ojk, they have government supervision. Then the level of trust to use the application does not need to be in doubt.

If you find a platform that promises unreasonable profits then you have to be careful. Make sure you get an official ojk money-making application that is supervised directly by the government.

We will also explain the list of official ojk money-making applications in this article. Please choose the one according to your taste through our explanation.

List of Money Making Apps

There are lots of applications that make money directly to your account that can be an option for you. The review below can be a literature that adds to your insight.

Some applications are also viral money-making applications that are quite widely spread on social media.

1. TikTok

Maybe some of you who refer to this article are quite surprised. So far, TikTok has become a viral social media application. But not everyone understands that with this application you can make money from tiktok.

How to make money from Tiktok is actually quite simple, but in practice you still need consistency.

o that you can get income from this money-making application on the internet. You need to get followers or followers by uploading interesting videos.

2. Neo+ Plus

This safe money-making application is a pretty interesting choice to have. Because this application is an official application published by Bank Neo,

, of course, this application has been directly supervised by ojk. So that it becomes an official OJK money-making application that is safe and reliable.

The way to get money from this application is also quite simple and easy. You can register here first, then if you want to get more bonuses you can use this referral code “XXXX”.

The profit is quite large, namely 20,000 rupiah which is cashback from this money-making application. You can also continue to earn after completing registration via the link above. Follow all the instructions on the page.

3. Snack Videos

Snack Video has become a very popular money-making application in recent times. This application provides various kinds of videos that you can watch to earn coins.

You can withdraw the coins from the money-making application that you have collected into your account balance. By just watching videos you can earn money easily on the internet.

4. App Karma

This application can be another option to get a way to make money on the internet easily.

The app Karma money-making app is quite fun. Because this application provides games to play so you get coins to collect.

You can exchange the coins that you have collected into Paypal, Google Play, Starbucks and other balances.

To get a bigger profit you can invite your friends. Invite friends to use this app and you get 30% of all coin points earned by your friends.

To be able to get profit sharing facilities from invited friends, you need to become a VIP member.

5. Cash For Apps

Cash for Apps has become a very popular money-making application in recent years. More than 10 million android smartphone users have downloaded this money-making apk.

 Playstore so it is quite easy for you to get. You only need to download a money-making application from your Android smartphone.

After successfully installing this cash for apps earning application. Please complete the registration process regularly according to what is stated on the page display.

6. Cash Walk

This very unique application is one of the money-making applications that is also beneficial for health. You will earn coins which you can collect to convert into money.

Cash Walk will count your every daily steps with its pedometer feature. Every step you take will be counted in this application then you get the coins.

You can easily download this money-making application on the Plays Store. The installation process is also quite easy, you only need to complete all the registration fields.

After that you can make money quickly and easily on the internet with just a cellphone.

7. WhatsAround

WhatsAround is a money-making application specifically for you photography and traveling lovers. This application is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of traveling.

This is because traveling allows you to get interesting pictures. This money-making application will give you certain points from the photos you upload.

The points you get can later be converted into digital money that you can use for shopping and more.

8. Get Plus

In an era that is completely online like today, even shopping can also be done online. The Get Plus money-making application is an option for those of you who often shop online.

It can be said that the Get Plus application also functions as a support for profitable transactions. Because the online shop transactions that you do on this application will be converted into points.

 points collected from the results of your shopping transactions at the online shop can be used to get shopping vouchers. The vouchers offered are of course also very interesting because with these vouchers you can get cheap prices for well-known brands.

9. Clip Claps

The Clip Claps application provides an offer that is also attractive. By playing games and watching videos from this platform you can earn money.

Every time you play games and watch videos on this money-making application, you will get a certain amount of coins.
If the number of coins you collect has reached 5000 coins then you are entitled to claim 0.5 dollars. You can find the money through paypal or other digital currencies.

10. Cash Pop

This money-making application will provide missions that you must complete. From these tasks you will get points.
The points you earn can be used to exchange for movie tickets, quotas, premium streaming subscriptions or be included in an e-wallet.

11. Cashzine

Cashzine is an application that makes money balance funds that can be a good choice. This application is one of the lifestyle applications that offers a buzz to interact with your friends.

Every interaction you do every day you will get coins. After that you can exchange the points or withdraw them into fund balances and other digital wallets.

12. Read Plus

The application which has got 10 million downloads on the PlayStore after its launch in 2017 and then can be the right solution to earn money on the internet.

Money-making applications are also proven to pay you directly into your account. You should read the news and information provided by this service.

You can withdraw money every day directly to the account if it has reached 50 thousand rupiah. In addition, this money-making application can be exchanged for credit and diamonds for Mobile Legend and Free Fire.