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WhatsApp Mod iOS Tutorial + How to Install + Latest Themes – For you Android users and you want to change the look of your WhatsApp to be different or change it to a version like iOS, then the right solution is to install WhatsApp Mod iOS to your Android phone.

For those of you who have installed the WhatsApp Mod iOS application, you must know a few steps to install it and run it on your Android phone. Because if you don’t know how, you certainly won’t be able to install and use it.

Talking about WhatsApp, it turns out that WhatsApp on iOS and Android has a lot of differences. And what are the differences between WhatsApp iOS and Android?

Indeed, from the first iOS and Android have always had differences and there is always a debate which one is better to use the iOS version or the Android version?.

But basically the iOS version of WA can’t actually be used on Android devices. However, this is not a problem because now there is an iOS version of WhatsApp that has been modified in such a way that you can use WhatsApp iOS on your Android device.

Because basically without a MOD version, Android users will not be able to experience WhatsApp like the one on iOS. For WhatsApp MOD iOS itself, it has been modified to provide all the features available in the iOS version of WhatsApp and also includes the appearance and theme.

Difference between WhatsApp Android and iOS

The Android version of WhatsApp with the iOS version of WhatsApp has a lot of differences. If someone thinks that WhatsApp on Android and iOS is the same, then the answer is very wrong. To know the difference from WhatsApp on the two platforms is indeed quite important.

Because without you knowing the difference between WhatsApp in the Android and iOS versions, you certainly won’t feel the advantages and disadvantages that exist in WhatsApp from the two platforms. Because until now there has been a lot of debate about which version of WhatsApp Android or iOS is better at this time.

For that, before we discuss WhatsApp Mod iOS and how to install + Themes further, I will first provide the differences between the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp for you so that you can distinguish which version of WhatsApp is better to use. And here are the differences between WhatsApp Android and iOS.

User Interface

For the first, the difference that the iOS version of WhatsApp has is the User Interface. When you open WhatsApp on Android or iOS, you will not see a visible warning. However, when you try to look at the UI (User Interface) section, you will find the differences between WhatsApp from the two platforms.

As for WhatsApp which is on the current android version, if you want to open the text menu and other features, then you have to tap on the three vertical dots icon in the upper right part of the screen. Then after you type the icon, a new variety of features will appear. For example, features like Gallery, Photo, Audio, Contact, Video and so on. This is the difference between WhatsApp on the iOS version and the Android version.

If the android version will bring up the main features of WhatsApp, you have to go through several fairly complicated mechanisms, then the thing is different with the iOS version of WhatsApp because all these features are already available or appear on the screen, precisely at the bottom of the screen. And that’s where you will find features such as Status, camera, calls and other features.

Contact List

For WhatsApp iOS users, you will find a very neatly arranged contact list. And the contact list can be accessed by tapping the pencil and paper symbol at the top right of the screen. Meanwhile, you can access WhatsApp on the android version for the contact list at the bottom of the application window.


The third difference is notifications. WhatsApp notifications that look more detailed with the information contained, videos or texts that are displayed in full or in part. In addition to the information problems that have been displayed, you can also directly reply to messages from anywhere without you having to open the WhatsApp application.

Notifications on WhatsApp iOS also have notifications that are much simpler when compared to WhatsApp on the Android version. And incoming messages are also only marked, there is no partial message display or the contents of the incoming message. And the most different thing is when you are about to reply to a message, because when you tap on a message you will be directly directed to the WhatsApp application.

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode in the Android and iOS versions is really very different. While on WhatsApp Android for Dark Mode it doesn’t appear so dark but still looks bright. The gray color looks very clear, it is more dominant in the dark mode in the android version, so the display will make us dissatisfied.

As for the Dark Mode, which is available in the iOS version, it has a very dark dark color display so that it is very in line with what the installer wants. There are so many android users who feel disappointed with the Dark Mode in the android version. But this can be resolved if you install WhatsApp Mod iOS which is currently being sought by many people.

Conversation Interface

For the fifth or last difference, you can see that the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp are about the Conversation Interface or often known as Chat. But actually if you look at it at a glance, maybe you won’t tell the difference. However, if you look closely, the difference will be very clear.

The difference between the two versions is the Emoji in WhatsApp. For emojis that are on the Android version itself will appear on the side of the text field. The thing that is different in the iOS version itself is where you can access the Emoji on the + icon section. The difference is actually not that influential but still it is still a difference.

Maybe up to here you have understood and can judge which WhatsApp is the most suitable for all of you. Not without reason why so many android users want to switch to the iOS version of WhatsApp, this is a strong reason for them to switch to the iOS version of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Mod iOS?

WhatsApp Mod iOS is an application that has been modified in such a way that you can feel it on your Android phone without having to have an iOS phone, because the WhatsApp Mod iOS application is designed the same as that of the iOS version of WhatsApp. Not only does it have features in the iOS version, this WhatsApp Mod application is also equipped with additional features that are certainly cooler than the original.

The modifications in WhatsApp Mod iOS are also not only in appearance and themes but also in terms of privacy and productivity aspects. For some of the features in this WhatsApp Mod, such as hiding status, hiding the microphone button, seeing people’s status without being seen and several other interesting features that the official WhatsApp application does not have.

In addition to having some very good features, WhatsApp Mod iOS also provides a large selection of themes that you can apply on your cellphone so you don’t get bored with the appearance of themes that are just that.

WhatsApp Mod iOS Features

All of you must have been very curious about what excellent features are contained in this iOS WhatsApp Mod. It is recommended that you first know or find information about what WhatsApp Mod iOS is. Because you will feel very different and comfortable when using this iOS WhatsApp Mod on your cellphone. And the following are the features of WhatsApp Mod iOS.

Download WhatsApp Status

In the WhatsApp application you can certainly share videos, photos and so on. But when you see your friend’s status and you want to download it, you certainly won’t be able to if you use the official version of WhatsApp.

But if you use WhatsApp Mod iOS then you will be able to download your friend’s status without you having to ask. Because you can download it yourself through the WhatsApp Mod iOS application and save it in your phone gallery.

Hiding Online Tags

Some of you must have felt lazy to reply to messages when you were online. Usually on the official WhatsApp version when you are online then you will be seen online by people in your contacts. So that it can make people feel annoyed when they see you are online but do not reply to the message.

But it will be a different story if you use this iOS WhatsApp Mod. Because in this WhatsApp Mod application you can hide your online sign, so you won’t find out whether you are opening WhatsApp or not. So with that the sender of the message will think that you are not online or are not opening WhatsApp.

How to Download WhatsApp Mod iOS and Themes

Previously, you need to know that the WhatsApp Mod iOS application is designed for Android OS users only, which means that the application cannot be found in the AppStore or on the Google Play Store, because this application is not available on the Google Play Store.

You can get this kind of application by looking for it on the internet. You can also get this WhatsApp Mod iOS application for free without having to pay. So you don’t have to worry about cost problems because all the features in WhatsApp Mod iOS are also provided for free.

If you want to download the WhatsApp Mod iOS application, you only need to click on the link we have provided above. The application is also very safe so you don’t have to worry about getting banned from WhatsApp.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the issue of updating or updating. So you must check the latest version of the WhatsApp Mod iOS application.

WhatsApp Mod iOS Tutorial + How to Install + Themes

Now is the time for all of you to know this WhatsApp Mod iOS tutorial. Basically the application requires a different way or there is a special way to be installed on your android phone. But even so how to install it is not not difficult to do.

If you have ever installed an Apk type application on your cellphone, then you will not find it difficult to install this WhatsApp Mod iOS application. Special instructions will be on the process of the activity of the Unknown Source option or unknown source. For this option, you must activate it first before you install the application on your Android phone.

To be more clear, the following is a tutorial for installing WhatsApp Mod iOS:

  • First, delete the official version of WhatsApp.
  • Open the settings menu on your phone.
  • Then then swipe down and tap on additional settings menu
  • Then select the security and accessibility menu
  • Find unknown sources option.
  • Then you activate the option.
  • Next, go back to the folder where the application is downloaded.
  • Then you install the WhatsApp Mod iOS application.
  • Just follow the procedure requested on the application.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • If the installation is complete, open the WhatsApp Mod iOS application.
  • And finally, log in or log in with your existing WhatsApp account.

If you have followed the tutorial above correctly, then you can be sure that you will not experience any disturbances or problems that occur. Usually the failure when installing the WhatsApp Mod iOS application is caused by a procedural error or you forget to first delete the official version of the WhatsApp application.

And now surely you have succeeded and can run the WhatsApp Mod iOS application. This application works the same as the WhatsApp application in general, but what makes the difference are other features and advantages that the official version of the WhatsApp application does not have.