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Fouad WA is a social application commonly known as FMWA or FM Whatsapp or also Fouad Whatsapp which was developed by a professional developer named Fouad Mokdad. In its development, this application has proven to have more advantages than the officially available WA version.

Before going further in the discussion of the material in this article, let’s first understand the things related to this social media application.

If we have previously known the official version of WhatsApp on the PlayStore and on the AppStore, it seems that many have installed it on your gadget. This application does have the same main function as making video calls, voice calls or sending messages.

As we already know WA or WhatsApp has become a mandatory application that is commonly owned by users in our country, it can even be said that 100% of smartphone devices owned by someone must have the WA application installed.

Along with the times, the WA application is increasingly being refined by professional developers from the company. This is done to keep up with the needs of the increasing number of users.

Even though the development is carried out by the company’s professional developers, with the increasingly fierce competition, the WA application becomes increasingly seen as having shortcomings. Whereas in general the features provided are sufficient to meet user needs.

Among people who only have the need for communication, of course it is very satisfying and helps their needs in communication matters.

But for today’s youth, of course, other things besides communication are of course very important, for example, to publish their activities or activities.

With the wa application, we can create video statuses with sounds that are quite interesting, but have a specified duration limit.

Because of this, the Fouad WA / Fouad WhatsApp application is here to meet the need for a longer duration on wa video status.

Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad Whatsapp / FMWA / Fouad WA is a WhatsApp application that has undergone more feature modifications. This is done to meet and satisfy users who are not happy with the usual WA version.

Although this application is a modified application, it still maintains its basic features as a social media application to communicate with friends, friends or relatives.

It’s just that in this modified WA / WA MOD application, its features have been upgraded, so that it gives a more maximum impression to use.

What features are provided by WhatsApp Mod (FMW) we will discuss below. We hope you can follow it so that there are no unwanted misunderstandings.

Fouad WhatsApp’s Featured Cool Features

I make sure before that you must have used the WhatsApp version on the PlayStore or on the AppStore. With the superior cool features of Fouad WA, this will certainly provide better satisfaction.

You don’t have to worry about changing the hassle for your previous wa because with this application you can run the previous version of WA. So you can have two WA applications on your phone.

More Theme Options

One of the upgraded or improved features in this application is the display of more themes. This of course makes users free to choose many more variations of whatsapp display themes.

Modify Home and Chat Screen

You can use this feature to modify the universal screen appearance of the WhatsApp display and also the appearance of the chat page as you wish. Simply select the settings menu and you can customize the settings as you wish.

Send Larger Files and More Photos

This is one thing that is most expected for users of the standard version of the WhatsApp application. With the Fouad Whatsapp application you can send as many as 90 photos at once.

Not only photos that can be sent in large quantities up to 90 images. You can also send large files up to 700MB.

With this feature, I personally feel very satisfied because it is faster and simpler to send files to each other with colleagues. No more hassle of emailing or time-consuming uploads to Cloud Drive.

Longer Video Status

No less important than the above, this feature is the hope of today’s users. You can create status videos up to 30 minutes long without cutting them.

This of course makes users do not have to bother to cut and divide video posts that have a long duration, one snap is done right away.

More Text Status

In this FMWA application you can also create more writing statuses up to 255 characters. So you don’t have to worry about thinking about writing short for your status because it can write longer status.

More Emojis

If you are someone who likes emojis to express your words or feelings, this Fouad version of the WA MOD application provides more emoji choices than the standard version so that it provides more choices of emoji expressions that suit your mood.

Download Other People’s WA Status

Sometimes we are very interested in other people’s WA status but can’t download it so we have to chat with the person directly to just ask for it.

Now with this Fouad WA application you don’t need to do that, because with this application feature you can download or download other people’s WA status directly.

Anti tapping

No less important, this feature is also the hope of many people because in this day and age, online crimes often occur, either phishing or whatsapp tapping.

This application claims to be more secure and anti eavesdropping so that the security of your personal data or your conversations is guaranteed to be confidential.

In addition to the features above, there are many more that you can get, you can try it yourself after installing this application and feel the satisfaction yourself for real. To download this application you can follow the steps on how to download fouad whatsapp in the explanation below.

Download the Latest Fouad WhatsApp

In this section, we explain first how to download the Fouad WA Mod application so that you can download it safely and quickly. Please follow the link below and the steps are very easy.

Installing or installing the Fouad WhatsApp application is slightly different because this application is an application that must be installed manually because it is not available on the PlayStore and AppStore.

Follow the steps and listen in an orderly manner so that it can be installed perfectly like the guide below.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the application file
  • Open the file where the downloaded file is saved via File Manager or from storage settings.
  • Click the .apk file that was downloaded by Fouad Whatsapp
  • Then if an unknown application notification message appears then just allow it or “Allow Unknown Source Applications”
  • Wait until the application installation / installation process is complete
  • It worked, now you can use this application.


This application is an application that is also trusted even though it is not available on the PlayStore so you don’t have to worry about your data and privacy. This application is also light, does not take up too much memory and certainly has more advantages than features that have been upgraded.

Thus the information that we can share hopefully can be a useful guide and literature for readers. Thank you for visiting our site


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