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WhatsApp Clone – Currently, who doesn’t know the WhatsApp application? Surely you will be familiar with the WhatsApp application. Because currently WhatsApp is the number 1 social media application in the world that has the most users.

This is based on the fact that it is so easy to use, so it is not surprising that the WhatsApp application is widely used by people in the world to send messages remotely.

Examples include text chat, voice calls, video calls, sending stickers, sending pictures, voice or audio messages and sending files or documents that have various types of formats.

But unfortunately on one cellphone you can only use the WhatsApp application, no more. This will certainly make it difficult for personal matters with work matters, because you can only have one WhatsApp account.

And usually if you want to have more than one WhatsApp account, then someone has to buy another cellphone in order to have another WhatsApp account.

This is the main reason people want to find a way how to have multiple WhatsApp accounts but only on one cellphone.

Actually, you can have more than one WhatsApp account, namely by using the WhatsApp Clone application.

You can use this WhatsApp Clone application to create a WhatsApp account again using only one phone device.

Maybe for those of you who have just heard of this, you certainly won’t know what WhatsApp Clone is?.

Now, to answer this question, please refer to the review below, because we will discuss thoroughly about the WhatsApp clone application.

What is WhatsApp Clone App?

WA Clone or WhatsApp App Clone is an application that was developed with the aim of making it easier for those of you who want to distinguish personal whatsapp from work whatsapp.

In terms of features, there is no difference at all with the original version of WhatsApp that you usually use every day.

However, if you use WhatsApp Clone, this will give you more benefits because you no longer need to buy a new cellphone in order to have two WhatsApp accounts at once.

So that it will save your expenses more than the money used to buy a new cellphone, you can save the money for other purposes.

If you are a businessman, then this WhatsApp Clone will be very useful. For example, if you do business selling online, and usually through the WhatsApp application to serve customers.

So if you have a WhatsApp account, your personal and business affairs will become one in the WhatsApp application that you have.

So by using the WhatsApp Clone application, this is the most appropriate solution for you to be able to separate business and personal matters.

WhatsApp Clone App Features

At a glance, the WhatsApp Clone application does not have much difference with the original WhatsApp application.

But actually there are differences that you can find when using the WA Clone, namely you will find interesting features which include the following:

Start a Chat Without Saving a Number

Usually if we are going to have a chat or chat with someone whose number is not in your HP contact list, then to start a chat you have to save the number first.

But if you use the WhatsApp Clone application, then if you want to chat with someone who is not registered in your contacts, then you can still do it without having to save your destination number.

So this will be very helpful if you are a businessman who wants to run marketing through the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp CRM Support

The next feature is the CRM feature, this feature will really help your business to more easily establish relationships with customers and also to manage various types of information to the customers you contact.

Then this feature will automatically help to save and download the history of interactions between admins and customers into the database that has been prepared.

Multiple Users and Chatbot

The third feature is the feature you want the most, because this feature can be used to add an unlimited number of admins.

Which means you are free to add a new WhatsApp account with the amount you want without being limited.

Meanwhile, to answer questions posed by customers, you can use the help of a virtual chatbot assistant, where this feature can help answer customer questions.

Green Thick

The last feature that is also very useful for business matters is the green thick or often known as the green check mark on the WhatsApp account name.

This can attract customers and convince because your whatsapp account has been verified because of the green check mark.

And besides that on the WhatsApp Clone application, there are also analytical reports that you can use to see team work achievements, customer data statistics and sales trends that are still good in sales.

Download the WhatsApp Clone App

This WhatsApp Clone application is different from the modified version application which is divided into several parts, such as WhatsApp Mod iOS, WhatsApp Lite, WhatsApp plus, Fouad WhatsApp and other WA Mods.

For WhatsApp Clone, you must use additional application assistance so that it can be used to clone the WhatsApp account.

Currently, there are many WhatsApp clone applications circulating on the internet that you can use. But not all of these applications can be used to clone WhatsApp.

So, here we will provide recommendations for the best applications that you can use to clone WhatsApp.

For more details, please see for yourself in the article below, the list of the best WhatsApp cloning applications in 2021.