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19 Juli 2021
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Currently TikTok is a newcomer social media that is a competitor to other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. His presence was quickly accepted by social media fans in various circles.

The presence of TikTok also has a positive impact that makes social network users become more creative in creating video-based content.

Even fans of this application, starting from its launch five years ago in 2016, to be exact, there are more than 800 million smartphone users who have used this application until now.

In addition to having an increasingly large number of users, user fans or commonly referred to as TikTokers also have high creativity in creating video content.

From the content created, there are lots of epic videos that are often saved so that they can be used as statuses on other social media. Therefore, to save the video, it must be downloaded first so that it is easier to play on a mobile device quickly.

To download Tiktok videos without a watermark, you need an application or site that provides a watermark remover feature. One site that can support the need to download videos without the watermark is savetik.

What is SaveTik?

Savetik is a service provider site for downloading tiktok videos without a watermark that can be accessed for free. You can open the site using your internet browser on your smartphone.

This site is very easy to access and use because it has an easy-to-use interface so it doesn’t confuse even the ignorant users. Users simply paste the tiktok video link they want to download, then follow the instructions provided to continue.

In addition to the SaveTik site which can be accessed only by using an internet explorer service on your smartphone, there is also a SaveTik Apk which can be used to install the savetik application on Android.

What Are the Advantages of Using SaveTik?

Before using this digital tool, of course, you will definitely ask what are the benefits of using this tool. To better understand the functions and benefits, let’s dissect each of the features in this tool.

1. No Watermark

Yes, of course the users who refer to this site are certainly looking for the right need to download tiktok videos without watermark / brand. With this site you can remove the brand or watermark on the video, making it easier to reuse.

2. No Subscription Fee / Free

There is no subscription fee required to use this site, so there is no need to dig into your pocket.

3. No Registration Process

To be able to download videos, you do not need to register first on this site, you only need to specify the url of which video you want to download and then paste the link in the column provided on the site page.

4. No Ads (Ads)

Many sites or applications circulating on the internet today take advantage by placing a lot of ads on their pages and making users uncomfortable or disturbed.

By using the ad-free SaveTik application, it makes you more comfortable surfing the page, so you don’t need to be bothered by popup ads that appear suddenly or ads that appear when you click on the page.

5. Support All Devices and Browsers

Because access can be done using a browser on your mobile device, making this site application can work on all smartphone OS, both Android and iOS, you can also access via PC, tablet and laptop.

6. HD Videos

The Savetik HD feature supports the download of large HD quality video files that can be downloaded quickly. This helps you get good quality videos for you to watch again.

7. Save Audio File

Savetik mp3 is also a feature of the site that serves to save audio files in mp3 format from the tiktok video that you want to download.

8. SaveTik Apk

In addition to being accessible to all browsers from mobile devices and desktops, this application provides a savetik.apk file that can be installed for Android devices. So it can be easily used on devices that have Android OS.