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RA WhatsApp – As we already know that WhatsApp is currently the most widely used messaging application by people in various parts of the world.

The WhatsApp application has become the main social media application used to communicate over long distances or even abroad.

Through the WA or WhatsApp application you can send messages, make voice calls, video calls, send document files and so on.

In addition to what we have mentioned just now, in the WhatsApp application you also update status in the form of videos, images and text or maybe include a link to your status.

But unfortunately, the use of these features is limited to a certain amount, so you can’t feel free to create statuses such as video, photo, or text statuses.

Meanwhile, to make a video status, you can only get 30 seconds, and several other limitations. Not to mention the added theme which is just that – that’s all.

This is what is used by third parties by developing the WA application which is equipped with advanced features and is far superior to the original version.

And this is a strong reason why so many want to switch to using the WA Mod application.

For now, there are many WhatsApp Mod applications that you can find, for example, WhatsApp Lite, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Mod iOS, WhatsApp Aero and several other types of WA Mod.

And RA WhatsApp is one of the Modification applications that is currently being sought by the Indonesian people, because of the advantages possessed by the WA RA application.

Now for those of you who are curious about the WhatsApp RA, you can listen to the review below which discusses the advantages possessed by the RA WhatsApp.

RA WhatsApp Review

The RA WhatsApp application is one of the WhatsApp applications modified by a third party from Indonesia named Ridwan Arifin. The name RA WhatsApp is taken from the abbreviation of the name of the application developer.

Ridwan Arifin’s profession is a programmer, so it’s no longer surprising if he is able to develop the WhatsApp Mod application with the advanced features in it.

As for the appearance of the RA WhatsApp application, it also has a very unique and interesting appearance when compared to the original version.

So don’t be surprised if many people are looking for the WhatsApp Mod Apk application to install on their Android devices.

The RA WhatsApp application is not the only Modified WhatsApp application circulating on the internet today, because we have found a lot of this type of WA Mod application on internet searches.

For those of you who are curious about what excellent features are contained in the WhatsApp RA, please see the article below.

Features of RA WhatsApp Apk

The RA WhatsApp Apk application was launched, of course, with many excellent features contained in it, and among them are Anti Banned and an attractive appearance.

Now for more details, please see for yourself in the article below which we have summarized, and here are the advantages of RA WhatsApp Apk.

Attractive and Unique Appearance

The first is that there is an interesting and unique display, because as we already know that the existing WA display for the android version with iOS has a different appearance.

The WA display on iOS has a cooler look when compared to the Android version. But if you want to have a look like on iOS, then you must have an iPhone cellphone, and the price is very expensive.

So that many are considering instead of having to buy an iPhone cellphone, it’s better for them to look for a WhatsApp Mod application that has an iOS-like appearance.

Now using the RA WhatsApp application, this is the right solution for those of you who want to experience the WA look like the one on iOS without having an iPhone cellphone.

Besides that, you are also given the freedom to make your WA theme look the way you want it.

Sending Larger Size Files

RA WhatsApp Mod Apk besides being able to be used to communicate via voice calls, chat and video calls, RA WA can also be used to send large files.

Because as we already know that in the original WA version, if you send a file, it can only have a size under 15 MB.

Now for WhatsApp RA, you can send files with a larger size, which is around 30 MB in one delivery.

Anti Banned

Usually applications that are developed by vulnerable parties are exposed to what is called blocking or Banned from the official developer.

But take it easy because if you use the RA WhatsApp Apk application, this will not happen, because the WA Mod application is equipped with an anti-banned feature.

So that it will make you calmer when using this WA RA application. and besides that this application is also always updated so you don’t get bored using it.

Application Security

The next advantage is the application lock feature which is very useful for maintaining your privacy on the WA application.

So with this feature, you will feel more comfortable and calm because your privacy is always protected by the system embedded in the RA WA Mod apk application.

Hide Blue Tick

The next feature is a blue tick that can be hidden, so that people who send messages to you will not know whether you have opened the message or not.

And usually you won’t find this feature in the official version of the WhatsApp application. Because you can only find these features in this Mod version of the WA application.

And besides hiding the blue tick, this application can also hide the online sign and typing mark, so people won’t know whether you’re opening WA or not.

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