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November 2021
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Lightroom Mod – For those of you who like to edit photos or images, of course you will be familiar with the latest Lightroom Mod application.

In this Lightroom application, you will find many excellent features that can help in the process of editing photos or images.

This Lightroom application is perfect for those of you who are a bit lazy in doing photo editing, because in this Lightroom application you will find various kinds of presets.

As for the Lightroom application, there are currently two versions available, the first is the free version and the second is the premium or paid version. And usually many people use the free version of the Lightroom application.

Because if you use the premium version, users are required to pay first in order to get the premium features.

But actually there is something you can do if you want to get the premium version with freebies. And the way is to use the Mod or Lightroom Mod Apk version.

This Lightroom Mod application also has features that you won’t find in the original free version of the application, because this Lightroom Mod Apk was developed with premium features but you can use it for free.

So from here we will discuss the Lightroom Mod Apk application in the article below, and here is the review.

Lightroom Mod Apk Full Preset

This Lightroom Mod Apk application is one of the most popular and best applications for editing photos or images.

Based on the experience of someone who uses the Lightroom application, he says that the photos edited using this Lightroom mod apk have very satisfying results and are of the best quality.

Although the edited photo has a rather dark quality, if it is edited using the Lightroom mod apk application, it will turn out to be lighter or clearer.

Why so? Because this Lightroom application is supported by advanced features so that it can change dark photos to become brighter and clearer.

For the free version, many say that this application is the best photo editing application, especially with the premium one, the results are definitely better.

It is not uncommon for photographers to use this Lightroom application to edit their photos so that the results are even better and beautify the results of the photo.

The good news is that you can use this Lightroom mod application on Android devices as well as iOS devices, so if you have an iOS device you no longer have to worry about not being able to use it.

However, the Lightroom mod apk application is currently not available on Google Play Store and AppStore searches, so to be able to use the Lightroom Mod Apk application, you must download it on the site that shares the download link for the application.

So, here we are, apart from discussing the excellent features of the Lightroom application and also the excellent features it has. And before we share the download link for the Lightroom application, here we will share information about the excellent features possessed by the Lightroom Mod Apk first, and here is the review.

Lightroom Mod Features

Every application developed by a third party will certainly have its own advantages, one of which is the Lightroom Mod application.

Now for those of you who can’t wait to find out what excellent features you can get if you use the Lightroom Mod Apk application? For more details, please read the article below.

1. Split Tone

The first feature that you will find is in the Lightroom Mod Apk application, it is Split Tone. This Split Tone feature is a feature that you can use to adjust the brightness and darkness of the photos you edit.

In addition, the Lightroom Mod application can also manipulate the weather on a photo that you have taken using the camera.

The Split Tone feature is indeed one of the most needed features for photographers so that they can produce a maximum photo and the results are of higher quality.

2. Color and B&W

The next excellent feature that you will find in the Lightroom Mod Apk application is the Color and B&W feature, where this feature is one of the superior features of the premium version of the Lightroom Application.

Because with this feature, you can make your photos that are initially less bright or dark can be changed to light by using the Color and B&W features.

So that this feature is very much sought after by photographers to edit their photos to make them more visible and the results do not disappoint.

3. Optical

This optical feature is a feature that can be used to fix errors that occur in a photo that has been taken.

For example, when using Fish eye, and usually the results of the photo look less symmetrical. So with the Optical feature, it can be very helpful to edit photos that are not good enough to make the results even better.

4. Preset Updates

Usually in the free version of the Ligtroom application, you only have presets from your own results. So if you use the Lightroom Mod Apk application, you can use the presets provided by the Lightroom Mod Apk application.

And for the presets provided in the Lightroom Mod Apk application, they also have very good quality, so you no longer need to worry if the photos you edit will look ugly or not good.

5. Crop Image

The feature to crop or crop the image is also very important if the results of your photos have a size that does not match what you want.

So with this feature, you can make images that don’t need to be in the photo. And besides that, how to crop images in the Lightroom Mod Apk application is also very easy to do, so it won’t be difficult for you.

6. Complete Effect Settings

The next feature is the very complete effect setting feature, so it will be very petrified for those of you who want to have better edited photos by using these additional effects.

7. Tone Curves

This one feature is no less important than other features, because this feature can be used to adjust the brightness of an edited photo.

And how to use this feature is also very easy, because you only need to lower or increase the curve line. So that way you can adjust the brightness according to what you want.

8. Vignette

This vignetting feature is a feature that is used to darken certain parts of a photo that you edit. And usually the feature to darken this will darken the edges first and then walk to the middle.

So with this feature it will make the photos you edit have a cooler or more interesting impression.

9. Auto Save

If you have finished editing a photo or image, then you no longer need to save the photos you edit.

Because in this Lightroom Mod Apk application, the photos you edit will be saved automatically into your phone’s storage memory.

So you no longer need to bother saving your edited photos manually. That way if you use the Lightroom Mod Apk application, it will be easier because of these advanced features.

And for those of you who can’t wait to download this cool photo editing application, you can download it at the download link that we will provide in the table below.

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