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if you are getting bored using the WhatsApp application, then it never hurts to try an application that is the same as the WhatsApp application, the GB WhatsApp 2021 Pro application. and here are some of the features and the full tutorial.

although it has a name similar to the WhatsApp application, in reality the GB WhatsApp application is not the same. what distinguishes it is that there are several features that are not available in the regular WhatsApp application.

a lot of people have switched to using the GB WhatsApp application, if the GB WhatsApp application is compared to the WhatsApp application, the answer is far superior to the GB WhatsApp application, because there are several interesting features in it. while the download method itself is also not difficult but very easy.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro Apk?

GB WhatsApp is an application that has been modified with several unique and interesting advantages. when users open the GB WhatsApp application, they will get a wide selection of various and varied features.

The excellent feature that the GB WhatsApp application has is the privacy issue which is certainly not owned by the regular WhatsApp application. for example, such as reading messages that have been deleted and sending messages in a scheduled way. and of course also the GB WhatsApp application is certainly very safe.

Some Features of the GB WhatsApp Pro Application

System Update

the GB WhatsApp application has a very good system update. for example, this application has a very good update system thanks to the application developers. and of course also always diligent in doing updates so that it will not be out of date.


The GB WhatsApp application is currently equipped with very capable security features, especially in anticipating blocking from WhatsApp or what is often referred to as the word banned. so that GB WhatsApp users don’t need to be afraid of the security problem anymore.

Wide Choice of Themes

There are several choices of themes that are very varied, even reaching hundreds of theme choices. and users can also choose what theme they want to apply to the application.

Perfect Messaging Features

has been equipped with a very capable messaging feature. and this GB WhatsApp application you can also use in sending messages to your colleagues on a scheduled basis. this is certainly no less sophisticated than the features in the regular WhatsApp application.

And besides that, you can also use the GB WhatsApp application to read messages that have been deleted by the sender, and interestingly, you can use the GB WhatsApp application to delete messages that you have sent. where else can you find an application as sophisticated as this?

Hide Tick

if the official WhatsApp application can only hide the blue tick, then the GB Whatsapp application can also hide the blue tick as well, but what makes the difference is that it can hide the two ticks and the blue ticks, very interesting isn’t this application?

Easy Connection Breaker

The GB WhatsApp application itself has been equipped with the perfect connection breaker feature. so that it will be very easy for users to disconnect WhatsApp internet without the need to use the help of other applications. and of course this feature is not owned by the original WhatsApp application.

Sending Multiple Files

the features found in the GB WhatsApp application can be used to send various types of file formats. so it’s not just sending image or video files, even this GB WhatsApp application can be used to send up to 100 images in one delivery without having to do it many times. very interesting isn’t it?

Sending Messages Without Saving Numbers

For the GB WhatsApp version, you can already use it to send messages without having to save the phone number you want to go to. very suitable for those of you who have a lazy nature to save other people’s phone numbers or the phone number you want to send messages to. and of course the GB WhatsApp application is very helpful for all of you.

besides that the GB WhatsApp application is also able to reply to messages automatically only by using the settings provided, so there is no need to hesitate anymore to install this GB WhatsApp application.

Downloading Other People’s Status

The last feature available in the GB WhatsApp application is that it can be used to download statuses from your friends. for example, when you want to upload a story that is similar to your friend’s, then you can immediately take it and download it without having to use an application from a third party or ask a friend.

GB WhatsApp Comparison With Regular WhatsApp

for the WhatsApp MOD version with the official version, of course there are very striking differences, for example in terms of features. then what if the two applications are compared? Will the MOD version of WhatsApp be superior to the official version or will it be the other way around?

How to Download and Use the GB WhatsApp Pro Application

to download and use the GB WhatsApp Pro application is certainly not difficult. especially if you see the many advantages that exist in this GB WhatsApp application, it will be a pity if you don’t immediately install the application on all of your cellphones.

How to use the GB WhatsApp Pro App

after the download process is complete the next thing you need to do is open the GB WhatsApp Pro application so that it can be used. while the registration process is almost the same as in the regular WhatsApp application, and of course you will have no trouble because you already know the process.

  • if you have installed the GB WhatsApp application then you just open it.
  • then you register/activate a WhatsApp account as usual, by entering your phone number and then verifying. and the most important thing is to make sure your phone number is still active so you can receive messages for verification.
  • then later the party from GB WhatsApp will send an OTP code to your number for verification.
  • If you have received the OTP code, enter it immediately for verification.
  • if you have verified using the OTP code earlier, then you can run the GB WhatsApp Pro application.

The GB WhatsApp application is now one of the most widely used messenger modification applications, and of course many people have switched from regular WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp Pro because there are lots of very interesting features and of course not owned by the official WhatsApp application.

Thank you for visiting our site, hopefully the information about how to install and download GB WA Pro that we have described can be useful literature for you.