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FM WhatsApp Mod – Surely all of you will be familiar with the best Chat application in the world, where else if not WhatsApp.

Yes, the WhatsApp application is currently ranked 1st as the most widely used messaging application by people all over the world.

This is not because the application is very easy to use and has some interesting features in the application.

One of the things that is often used in the WhatsApp application is to send messages, make voice calls and video calls.

But speaking of the WhatsApp application, this time the admin will discuss the WhatsApp application.

However, what the admin is discussing is not the official version of the WhatsApp application, but a modified version. And the application is FM WhatsApp.

This FM WhatsApp application is very interesting for us to discuss, because the application has a lot of interesting features contained in it.

And besides the interesting features contained in the FM WA application, you will not find it on the official version of WhatsApp.

Now for those of you who are curious about the FM WA, please see the review about the WA FM application in the article below.

FM WhatsApp Reviews

FM WhatsApp Mod is the original WhatsApp application that was redeveloped by a third party with lots of interesting features in it.

The developer of the FM WhatsApp application modified the WA application because it aims to make you even more comfortable using WhatsApp.

The main function of the FM WA Mod application is actually the same as the original WA version, which is to send messages, make voice calls or video calls.

However, the difference lies in the features of the whatsapp fm mod application which are superior when compared to the original version of whatsapp.

In addition to having a lot of excellent features contained in it, this FM WhatsApp application also supports cellphones that have low specifications.

For those of you who are afraid to use WhatsApp Mod applications such as FM WhatsApp because there are often banned accounts.

So take it easy, because in the FM WA application it is equipped with an anti-ban feature, so there will be no WA account banned if you use the application.

Now for those of you who are curious about what features are contained in the latest version of the FM WhatsApp application. Please see the review below about the premium features of FM WA Mod.

WhatsApp FM Features

Of course, every application that is developed by a third party and has been modified, of course, the application has many advantages in it. One of them is this WhatsApp FM.

Because if you use WA FM, you will find lots of excellent features that you won’t find in the original version.

Then what features can be found in the FM WA application? For more details, please see for yourself in the article below:

1. Anti Delete Message

Surely you have experienced a message that entered your WhatsApp, but the message before you read it was deleted by the sender of the message.

And the message that has been deleted, of course you will not be able to see the contents of the message. So that makes you curious about the contents of the message.

Now using the FM WhatsApp application is the right solution, because you can use the FM WA application to read messages that have been deleted by the sender of the message.

So with this feature it will treat your curiosity about messages that have been deleted.

2. Download Friends Status/Story

Maybe you’ve ever felt like downloading someone else’s status or story, but you certainly can’t do that.

Because you don’t do that if you are still using the original version of WhatsApp.

But it will be different if you use FM WhatsApp, because the application can be used to download people’s WA status or stories without us having to ask the owner of the status.

3. Sending Messages Without Saving Number

If we usually send a message to someone who has a contact number on your cellphone, then you have to save that person’s number on your cellphone first.

But if you use the FM WA application then you no longer need to bother saving your destination number.

Because this application is equipped with features that can be used to send messages without having to save our destination number.

4. Hiding Typing Marks

Usually if we are chatting with someone, and that person is typing the message content, it will be seen that the person is typing a message.

However, this can actually be eliminated, namely by using the FM WhatsApp application.

Because the FM WA application is equipped with features that you can use to hide the sign you are typing.

So that people who are chatting with us will not know if we are typing messages to them.

5. Lock Apps (Lock App)

The next interesting feature that you can get on the FM WhatsApp application is a feature to lock the application.

This feature is very useful for those of us who especially already have a boyfriend or child. Because with this feature we can lock our WhatsApp application.

So that someone who borrows your cellphone cannot open your WhatsApp application if they don’t know the password that you have created.

6. Many Font Options Available

The next interesting feature is the availability of a large selection of fonts that you can use. And the fonts contained in the application you can use for free without having to pay first.

If you want to change your own font style, then all you have to do is choose which font you think suits your individual tastes.

7. Lots of Emoticons and Stickers

This feature is perfect for those of you who often chat using additional emoticons and stickers.

Why so? Because in the FM WhatsApp Mod application, there are lots of stickers and emoticons that you can use for free.

8. Many Themes Available

If you are bored with the appearance of your WhatsApp theme, that’s all. Then the most appropriate solution is to download the whatsapp fm application.

Because if you use the WhatsApp FM application, you will be given a lot of theme choices contained in the application.

So if you are bored with the theme you are using, then you just have to find which theme you want.

9. Send Large Files

As we already know, if we use the Original version of the WhatsApp application, we will be limited when sending files.

But it will be different with the WhatsApp FM application, because if we use the application we can still send files even though the size is very large.

And this feature is perfect for those of you who have a job in the office. Because usually office workers send large files using WA.

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