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In the digital era like today, editing videos can no longer only be done using a computer or laptop. Along with technological developments such as the current conditions, there are already many video editing applications that we can use on our phone devices. One of these video editing applications is FilmoraAGo Pro Mod Apk.

FilmoraGo Pro Mod is an application launched by a third party, where the application has been modified. The application is the result of a modification of the original version called FilmoraGo Pro.

Because basically if we use FilmoraGo we are required to pay or subscribe every month. This is what is then used by third parties where all premium features can be obtained for free.

In addition to getting premium features for free, the developer of the FilmoraGo Mod Apk application has also added new features which can make it easier for users.

How good is the FilmoraGo Mod? Well, for all friends, visitors to every mimin will provide the answer in the article below in detail and complete so that all of you understand it.

FilmoraGo Pro Mod Apk at a Glance

FilemoraGo Pro is one type of video editing application that is currently the choice of professional video editors. Because this application has many advantages that are different from other video editing applications.

FilmoraGo itself currently has two versions, namely the regular version and the Pro version. The regular version is the free version where the resulting video will have a watermark. As for the Pro version, all premium features are unlocked and videos don’t have a watermark.

Because this is what makes many people prefer to use the Mod version, where the mod version is the Pro version where all the premium features can be used for free.

FilmoraGo is also not only available on the Android version, but is also available on the PC version. Now for the current PC version, it has been developed by a third party by developing an Android version.

Because on the PC version the features are more complete and there are also several premium features that can be obtained for free without having to pay.

Examples of advanced features in FilmoraGo Pro Mod are features to add sound, adjust music or video volume, provide color gradations, add subtitles, video transitions and several other features.

For all the features that mimin mentioned above are premium features that are currently available in the Modfication version. So it’s no longer surprising that many choose to switch to using the Mod version.

What is certain is that if you use the FilmoraGo Mod Apk, you can get all the premium features and excellent features in the Pro version for free.

Featured Features of FilmoraGo Pro Mod Apk

Of course, all of you will be asking what excellent features are on the Mod version of FilmoraGo. so from that here mimin will answer the question so that my friend is not curious.

For all of you who can’t wait to find out the excellent features in the FilmoraGo Mod Apk. here is the answer:

No Watermark

In general, the free version of the video editing application on the Google Play Store, of course, the video edited using the application has a watermark on the video.

However, you will no longer get this when you use the FilmoraGo Pro Mod Apk application. Because the developer has modified the application so that there is no watermark on the edited video.

So that the results of the video that you edit will look even more professional when compared to editing videos in other video editor applications.

Many Template Options Available

The next excellent feature in the FilmoraGo Mod Apk application is the availability of many template options that we can use for free.

Because as we already know template itself has a very important function. Because the template can make the video we edit even better and beautify the appearance of the video.

The template that I mean is a filter that can make the video you edit more attractive and look aesthetic.

Can Add Music Or Audio

Of course, my friend has often seen someone’s edited video that has a music effect embedded in the video.

Well, if you want to add music or other audio such as funny sound effects, then you can add it to the video that you edit using the Filmora Go Mod Apk application.

That way the results of your video will be more varied because it has many sound effects or music on the video.

Large Selection of Transition Effects

Transition effects are effects that are often used by professional video editors to distinguish one part of a video or move from one video to another. The transition effects themselves have the advantage of making videos look more professional and aesthetic.

For transition effects in the FilmoraGo Pro Mod Apk application, there are already many options that you can use for free.

So my friend can happily choose which transition effect you think can make the video edit even better.

Many Interesting Effect Options

Editing videos or making videos is incomplete if you don’t use tap effects. For example, such as filter effects, image effects or words that explain the purpose of the video you are making.

Well, in this Filmora Mod Apk application, you can use it for free, but you have to download it first.

So if you want to add an effect, then you just have to choose which effect to use and download the effect.

Can Set Speed ​​Control

The next excellent feature in the Filmora Mod Apk application is the Speed ​​Control feature. Speed ​​Control itself is a feature which can be used to adjust the speed of the video.

Besides being able to be used to speed up videos, you can also use this feature to slow down videos that are being edited.

So that way you can adjust the speed or slow down the video according to what you want on the edited video.

Video Sharing Features

The next excellent feature that is not available in other video editor applications is the feature to share videos directly.

So if you have finished editing the video, then the results of the video can be directly shared to your social media accounts. For example, sharing to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Youtube and several other social media accounts.

There is a Subtitle Feature in the Video

Subtitle itself is a tool used to translate the language in the video. So with this subtitle feature, it will make it easier for foreign viewers to understand the intent of the video you make.

Multiple Languages ​​Available

In the FilmoraGo Apk Mod application, there are several languages ​​that you can apply. And the language choices are Indonesian, English, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, German, Italian and several other languages.

So if you can’t speak English or a foreign language, you can change it to Indonesian in the settings menu.

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